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2 Week Package

$605 CAD Plus HST

Is your child waking up several times a night? Is your baby taking short naps throughout the day? Is your toddler constantly falling asleep in the car or in his high chair while eating?
Is your whole family overtired?

You know you need a plan and you definitely know that you can’t go it alone.
The Beautiful Baby Sleep Two Week Package is for you.

It includes a detailed, easy to follow sleep plan and 2 weeks of unlimited support once you start.

As with any Beautiful Baby Sleep Package, we will begin with an in-depth intake form that gives me a full picture of your child’s current routine, sleep habits and sleep challenges.

During our one hour phone call or virtual meeting we will discuss the intake form and identify some goals for family sleep. We will create the framework of our plan and determine how we will address your family’s specific challenges.

I will then create a sleep plan that is built with your parenting style in mind. It is driven by your goals for your child’s sleep. It is also completely interactive with elements of audio and video to keep you engaged.

Once you have a full understanding of the plan it’s time to get started. The first night of sleep training, I will be available via text, email or phone call to keep you grounded and stay with you until your child falls asleep independently.

This plan is ideal for families who need a plan as well as support during implementation. If you are concerned about how to follow the sleep plan on a day to day basis and know you will have questions, the 2 Week Plan is the best option for your family. Once I deliver your customized sleep plan, we will pick a day to get started. I am at your disposal for the 2 weeks that follow.
The 2 Week Package includes:

  • In depth intake form.
  • One hour intake form review.
  • In depth assessment of your family’s sleep challenges.
  • Customized, interactive multimedia Sleep Nurturing Plan.
  • One hour sleep plan review via telephone or virtual meeting.
  • 2 weeks of unlimited text, phone and email support.
  • 30 minute follow up phone call.
  • Customized guide to continuing your family’s Sleep Nurturing journey.