Baby Talk Package

$79.00 CAD Plus HST

Do you have questions? Do you find that you are endlessly searching online for answers to simple questions like, “why won’t my newborn sleep in the crib?” Or “4 month old flipping on stomach and can’t flip back”

Continuous searching online can be extremely frustrating, time consuming and can lead you to believe that something is wrong with your child.

The internet is full of conflicting baby sleep advice and sifting through the information to find the one sentence that actually applies to you can be maddening.

If you simply want the straight dope on baby sleep without commiting to a full sleep plan, the Baby Talk Package is for you.

This package is very popular among brand new parents who find themselves at the mercy of contact naps, endless night feedings and short naps. If your baby is too young for sleep training but you want to begin to build good habits from the start, this package gives you the chance to freely explore how you want to manage sleep in your household.

With this package, you will get a full hour of unfiltered information that addresses your specific concerns.

Want to gain insight into your child’s sleep habits? Want to get detailed explanations for why they are afraid at night or why they refuse to fall asleep independently? If you have already gone through a sleep training program and just need a refresher, this package is designed with new and existing clients in mind. Perhaps your child is sleeping through the night but it takes a long time for them to fall asleep. Do you find that it takes hours for them to fall asleep and once they are asleep you are completely exhausted yourself? Perhaps your child is experiencing early morning wakings, forcing you to wake up before 6 am. Maybe you are completely confused about a specific sleep behavior that your child is exhibiting. If you have one or two issues that need to be addressed but you do not need a full sleep plan, the Baby Talk Package is for you.

The Baby Talk Package includes:

  • In depth intake form
  • A one hour phone call or virtual meeting to discuss your family sleep challenges and explore solutions.
  • One personalized email summarizing our call and my recommendations.