Frequently asked questions?

Got questions? You’re not alone. Many caregivers have questions when hiring a pediatric sleep consultant. Here are some of the questions I get asked most often. If you have a question or concern that is not addressed below, feel free to book a complimentary enlightenment call.

Do you offer a guarantee with your sleep training plans?

I can guarantee that if you follow my sleep plan, you will see significant improvement in your child’s sleep habits. However, I cannot guarantee that your child will sleep through the night, every single night and take perfect naps every day. Sleep training is a process that has hills and valleys. Some days are more challenging than others but I can guarantee that I will be there to support you and offer solutions every step of the way.

How old does my child need to be for sleep training?

It is never too early to encourage good sleep habits with your baby and it is never too late for sleep training. Formal sleep training can take place after 5 months of age but good sleep habits can be encouraged in the newborn stage. Therefore, I serve families with children 0 to 5 years+.

Do I have to wean my child off night feedings to sleep train?

No. Sleep Training is not about pushing children beyond their developmental stage. If your baby still needs night feedings due to their age or medical needs, we can find ways to encourage independent sleep while continuing to offer nourishment at night.

Do you practice the "cry it out" method?

No. I do not practice the cry it out method nor do I recommend complete extinction at any stage of the sleep training process. As a certified sleep consultant I know that this method is not only unnecessary, it is not an effective method in the long term.

Do you practice gentle sleep training methods?

Yes, I only practice gentle, gradual and supportive sleep training methods. The sleep plan we will create together is inspired by your parenting style and lifestyle. I also incorporate play based methods for older babies and toddlers. Sleep Training is a big change for the entire family and it should not be implemented hastily. Together we will take the time to create a plan that you are comfortable with.

How long until I see changes in my child's sleep habits?

Once we implement our sleep plan, you will start to see changes within the first few days. Sleep Training is about creating new habits, which can take time but by the end of our time together, you and your family will be getting better sleep.