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Independent Sleep Plan

$505 CAD Plus HST

Have you done a ton of research on baby sleep only to find that you are more confused now than when you started? There are so many theories and opinions about sleep training but you need to know what is going to work for your specific situation. You want simple, straight forward directions that will lead to sleep solutions.

You need sleep and you are worried for your kids.

Self starters love the Beautiful Baby Sleep Independent Sleep Package because it provides an interactive, multimedia plan that is thorough and detailed enough to follow with minimal support.

Are you having difficulty choosing the right sleep training method for your child? Do you need a professional to quickly assess your family’s sleep challenges but feel confident moving forward on your own?

This plan gives you the confidence to do so. Although the package is designed for those who thrive with minimal support, it does include periodic check-ins. The customized sleep plan includes a one hour assessment where we will explore the different sleep training methods and decide which method and approach will help you reach your baby sleep goals. We will discuss your parenting style and your parenting philosophy and integrate them into the plan. After the sleep plan is delivered to you, we will book two 30 minute follow up phone calls, giving you the opportunity to discuss any hiccups that have come up. It also includes a 30 minute wrap up call to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

This plan is popular among families with one child who is experiencing a sleep regression. The child may have slept well until a specific incident or change and you don’t know how to get back to peaceful nights. Together we will try to identify the cause of the regression and help your baby get through it.

In short, the Independent Sleep Package is designed for parents who need a plan but feel confident about implementation. The Independent Sleep Plan includes:

  • In depth intake form.
  • One hour intake form review.
  • In depth assessment of your family’s sleep challenges.
  • Customized multimedia Sleep Nurturing Plan.
  • One hour sleep plan review via telephone or virtual meeting.
  • Two 30 minute follow up phone calls.
  • 30 minute wrap up meeting.
  • Customized guide to continuing your family’s Sleep Nurturing journey.